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Where do you get advice for your start-up?

It’s lonely when you start up in business. And, as the saying goes, it’s lonely at the top.

It’s easy to give advice. Harder to get good support for your start-up.

Everyone has a view when you’re starting up a business. What they’d do, what equipment they’d buy, property they’d take on, stock they’d source, people they’d employ. It’s easy to give out advice, but it’s so much more challenging to find good quality support from people who really understand what makes a difference.

In one sense, our online generation have never had it easier: the information is out there. Trouble is, the internet is awash with people trying to sell you something, so it’s hard to untangle that from good quality sources of information and support.

We’ve joined Enterprise Nation too.

The government’s “Business is Great” team have idenfied several good quality sources of information depending on where you are in your business start-up and growth journey. One of those is Enterprise Nation, which offers members access to events, masterclasses and a whole load of resources.

We’ve taken a look around, and whether you want tips to get your brand on QVC, hear from Rob Law at Trunki or  learn about the 3 most common mistakes in finance (and how to avoid them), you’ll find a wide range of resources from respected entrepreneurs and advisers. You’ll also find gems like Emma Jones’ Start Up Kit: everything you need to start a small business, and complimentary tickets for inspiring events around the country.

And as you can see from our new badge, we’re proud to have signed up as a member of Enterprise Nation.

Let us know how you get on finding good support for your business. And of course, we’re always happy to set up a free consultation be that in person or online to help get you started.

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