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Fall in love with your business again

Sometimes all the paperwork gets in the way of you doing what you love. Talking to customers who are looking for your services, creating and delivering your products. Or perhaps you’re all about the buzz of the sale?

Yet too much of our time can be spent sending quotes and invoices, paying the bills and checking our bank balances. Then there are the letters from HMRC, Companies House, insurance renewals … and the rest!

People may not change, but technology does!

Good news is that things are really improving in the world of accounts. We hear about developments in artificial intelligence at home with new tech like Amazon’s Alexa, but the world of accounting is moving on too. (Although you might not hear about this from your bookkeeper or accountant if they’re sticking to the traditional ways of doing things).

Fall in love with Xero, and with your business again.

What’s the buzz around Xero and automated bookkeeping? It lightens the paperwork burden and makes business fun again. Here are four reasons to take a look.

1. If you’re spending too much time doing paperwork (or perhaps putting it off!)

If you or your team are spending hours each month updating your accounts, or worse, you’re spending evenings and weekends doing paperwork, it’s time to make a change.

2. If you’d like more cash and profit in your business

Business owners improve control over their cash-flow by keeping it simple, with no more waiting until after your year-end to hear from your accountant if you’ve made any profits.

3. If you’re thinking about employing (another) bookkeeper

A good bookkeeper can be an asset to your team, but employing someone, even part-time, can be expensive. With simple, affordable, automated bookkeeping, you can focus your time, energy (and funds) on looking after your customers.

4. If you’ve only ever used Sage or Spreadsheets

Cloud technology has come on leaps and bounds. However it’s no surprise that business owners have stuck with what they know over the past couple of decades. Microsoft Excel has long been the most popular tool used to keep accounting records, followed closely by the accounting package, Sage. But neither of these solutions offers the flexibility and ease-of-use that comes with cloud accounting.

Now time for our disclaimer.

We’re a Xero silver partner and adviser, so you’d expect us to be enthusiastic about it’s potential. However unlike many accountants and bookkeepers, we use Xero in our own business, so we look at it from the same perspective that you do. We love the flexibility, the fact we can send an invoice from anywhere, or automate it so it goes out to you on the right date each month without fail. We love the fact that Direct Debits are automatically reconcilled, and that we don’t need to type in details of supplier invoices. Most importantly, we love the extra time it gives us to spend with our growing customer base, getting their accounts in shape, and helping them to grow their businesses.

See you on 23 February?

We’re holding our next ‘Xero Surgery’ at Exeter Science Park on Thursday 23 February from 10:30am – 12:30pm. Let’s see if you can fall in love with your business again.

Reserve your free place online or call us on 01392 249116.

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