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Getting stuff done!

It’s so easy for our good intentions to fall by the way-side after the first few weeks of January. When we set our goals, how do we make sure we get things done? One of our small business champions, Linda, shares the things which work for her.

It’s as much about habits as big plans.

woman writing in journal

  • Take two minutes to set a priority for each day – who do you really need to speak to? – what do you really need to deliver?
  • Archive your email as soon as you’ve dealt with it. Set up automatic labelling on Gmail so the filing is done for you. Awaiting a reply? Star the message and review it weekly.
  • Get the apps you need to run your business on-the-go (banking, accounts, mileage, expenses, to-do / project, time-tracking and customer-relationship management, plus Google’s MyBusiness, Analytics, facebook pages manager and tweetdeck). Put them on a “work” screen on your mobile, and keep facebook, whatsapp, your kindle or whatever else you go to on a separate “home” screen.
  • Diaries are not just for meeting dates. Use them to set aside time for important tasks such as checking your cashflow, raising invoices and credit control.
  • Agree a goal for each conversation. “Hi … let’s see if we can set a date for a review meeting”. “By the end of the training today, my goal is that you’re happy raising invoices on Xero. How does that sound?”

What works for you? Share your good habits and tips with us.

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