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Sorting through receipts … your least favourite job?

Piles of receipts knocking about, waiting to be entered manually? Is this a regular Sunday night job? Misplaced receipts which turn up too late to claim or lost receipts meaning unclaimed expenses?

Did you know that all this could be avoided and all you need to do is use a mobile app which enable you to take a quick photo of a receipt when it’s handed to you and at the click of a button, submit it to your accounts and forget about it? It’s that simple.

Spreadsheet hell

Fed up with trying to complete your accounts on a spreadsheet? Could your business have outgrown the spreadsheet as an accounting method? Or maybe there’s just a better way which could save you time and money? Let’s have a look at the facts..

Wessex become a Xero Silver Partner!

Wessex Commercial are thrilled to have recently achieved Xero Silver Partner status. This award confirms our commitment to providing the best cloud accountancy services! Read on to find out more and about current offers on Xero.