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Team building at Wessex Commercial

Have we been running around the countryside, building some rafts or tasting some local cider? Sadly not! However in response to growing demand on our services the team at Wessex Commercial are growing.

Introducing Nigel Power

We’ve secured the services of Nigel Power, a qualified accountant who’s resume includes Managing Director and Finance Director roles in UK, French and New Zealand electronics businesses. More recently, Nigel has been teaching and lecturing on accountancy at a local college. It’s that combination of senior level experience and ability to break down complex accounting concepts into something that’s easy to understand that attracted us to Nigel. Over the months ahead, Nigel will be instrumental in delivering regular monthly and quarterly accounts to our customers, and helping them to understand what they mean for their business.

Board-level promotions

We also made board-level promotions on 1 April , with Linda Carrington becoming Practice Management Director and Elly McNamara becoming Customer Relationship Director.

Elly’s appointment reflects her commitment to moving customers from dated software or, very often, spreadsheet accounting, to Xero, and enabling them to integrate with other platforms such as ecommerce, point of sale and inventory. Her focus is enabling growing businesses to become more efficient and better informed about their performance.

Linda’s appointment reflects her focus on developing our firm, including time and project management, the introduction of direct debits and the use of key metrics in sales and marketing. However it’s not all been inward-looking, as she’s supported our customers to improve their own businesses, taking on (and achieving!) projects such as ISO 9001, streamlining data entry and automating web enquiries.

New opportunities

We’re looking to add to our team over the coming weeks, initially recruiting a managment accountant / payroll administrator, followed by a tax accountant. As high-tech, flexible, home-based roles with plenty opportunity for co-working with other team members, they’ll allow qualified, experienced accountants the opportunity to use their skills and expertise in a way which breaks the mould of the traditional firm.


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