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Enable Support Services

We asked Debbie Boyes, Co-founder of Yeovil-based firm Enable Support Services, about her experience of working with Wessex Commercial Solutions.

Here’s what Debbie told us:

“WCS are totally different to any other accountants we’ve worked with – some are quite stuffy and rigid in the way they work, only thinking about the finance and not the business side, but WCS are unique in their approach in that they are effective on all levels.

debbie-boyesI really appreciate their down to earth approach and the way they are so open with their own experiences,not afraid to say they’ve made mistakes in business in the past – it’s really refreshing and reassuring to hear it from someone who has actually been there.

Graham Potts helped us to look at our finances in detail and understand where we were making the most profit and where we were losing money. This enabled us to have a much improved level of scrutiny over what was going on in the business. WCS’s input made me think about the business in a completely different way.

He also provided us with a tool to enable us to keep track of our business finance by putting together a profit and loss spreadsheet for us – this was a really useful tool which I use every week now. As a result of using this on a regular basis, we’ve made a lot of changes to the way we run the business and I feel I understand the business in a way I never have before. For the first time, I feel like I’m actually in control of the business rather than the other way around!

This has had all sorts of positive impacts – whereas previously, I wasn’t able to see where we were losing money and therefore couldn’t confidently pay myself a reasonable salary, that worry has now been lifted. There is also more money remaining in the business and we have been able to build up the equity in it.

As the nature of the business is quite complex – providing support to people with a range of needs aimed at improving their skills and confidence in living independent and fulfilling lives – there are lots of different costs, travel and complex activities to factor in. Often previously, it was hard to know where the money was going but now, that situation has been transformed and rather than coasting along, there is a much tighter degree of control over the business finance.

Another challenge the business was facing was in recruiting enough staff of the right calibre to meet the demand for our services. There was no shortage of work, with referrals coming in but our growth was inhibited by our inability to recruit. WCS were also brilliant in that they helped us to think about developing our brand and making the company more attractive to potential employees, which has had a noticeably positive impact upon recruitment.

Enable Support Services had been established for 6 years and as a small business owner we just tended to do the same things over and over – Having WCS’s help has turned our business around!”

Debbie Boyes
Enable Support Services
01935 845631


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