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Looking to outsource to a Xero accountant with a different approach?

Is your business under-performing? Is cash a challenge? And is business encroaching on your personal life?

We know that doing the same thing gets the same results!

If you’re feeling brave and ready to change, we’re ready to help. Our Directors each have personal experience of running their own businesses, investing their own money. With skill-sets ranging from the strategic to the practical, our friendly team support you in making the difficult decisions which come with the role of business owner.

Our outsourcing packages are designed to:

  • make sure you know how well each part of your business is doing (your margins);
  • talk through the changes you need to make to improve results and
  • show you how you can improve cashflow.

We help businesses like yours across Devon, Somerset, Cornwall, Dorset and further afield. If you’d like to do something different this year and get better results for you and your business, we’d love to hear from you. Your first step is to book your Business & Xero Review for £195 + VAT.

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Fed up with extra paperwork which takes you away from your family and business? Systems which don’t talk to each other? We can help.

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Profits & Cash

Are profits lower and cash tighter than you’d like, despite your business growth? We’ll show you how to uncover the lean, profitable part of your business.

Profits & Cash


Which of your jobs, projects, products and services are making money? We’ll help you to find out, then decide what to prioritise.

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Not getting real value from your accountant? Reluctant to employ someone else in your office? Find out how our team can support you.


Tufcoat: a client perspective

“I’ve used an outsourced FD in the past, but with hindsight, this was quite disruptive. It’s definitely been better working with WCS, they strike a balance so that I remain in control of the business, but the backup is there when I need a finance professional.

The WCS team highlight potential issues and act as a sounding board for ideas, and unlike some consultants, they don’t just point to what needs to be done and leave you to get on with it, they keep helping to improve the business. Since working with WCS, we have seen around a tenfold improvement in profitability.

I feel comfortable and confident working with WCS. The team are understanding and approachable, and I’d recommend them to anyone looking for commercially-minded accountants.”

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Salcombe Gin: a client perspective

“When taking on a new accountant, it’s vital to build a trusted relationship. That’s what we have with Wessex Commercial. I work closely with the WCS team, who help us keep track of revenue from multiple channels and payment platforms.

The support we receive from Wessex Commercial is excellent. Whereas you may only hear from other accountants at month end, our contact, Fiona, is available on the phone for general enquiries. She goes above-and-beyond, getting everything done on time for us.

The team are always looking for ways to help improve our efficiency. They’ve provided us with a cashflow forecasting app, and we have another great app in place which allows us to send in bills and receipts with minimal fuss.

If another SME were looking for an accountant? I’d definitely recommend Wessex Commercial. The team are always efficient, always at the end of the phone, and great to work with!”

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Huntsmore: a client perspective

“The fact that Graham and Elly have hands-on experience in construction really appealed to us. It means that, when we ask a question, they ‘get it’ straight away. We don’t have to convince them or do a lot of explaining.

We also like the fact that Wessex are up-to-date with technology. We had signed up to Xero before we joined, but were still doing accounts on spreadsheets. That’s despite the fact that we were working with a fairly large accountancy firm! It’s much easier to see how we are doing now – our management accounts provide a clear, up-to-date picture.

I’d describe Wessex as a ‘nimble’ company, that has its clients’ interests at heart. We meet up from time-to-time to discuss what’s happening in our business. If we have any problems, I’m confident that the team at Wessex will guide us through them.”

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Assentech: a client perspective

“We enjoyed a seamless transition when we took on Wessex as our accountants. The team are always on hand to answer any questions we have – they’re easy to get hold of and easy to talk to.

Better still, they don’t shy away from difficult issues. They provide straightforward options for us to consider. It makes such a difference when your accountant talks your language. Their business experience shows!

We really value the ‘can do’ approach which we see at Wessex, together with their attention to detail and the level of support they provide.”

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Nautibuoy Marine: a client perspective

“I’m feeling a lot more confident now about our accounts and Xero. Our Operations Manager has had great training and support from Wessex Commercial. (We only had limited Xero training in the past). Wessex have smartened up our company accounts and ensured that the balance sheet more accurately reflects the value of the business.

The ‘big picture’ is much clearer now. And because I’m feeling much more confident about Xero, I’m able to focus on growing and developing our business.

It’s never an easy decision to change accountants, however it’s made a big difference. Would we recommend Wessex Commercial? 100%! Thank you to the team for supporting us.”

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Safe Working Lifts: a client perspective

“We’ve always been good at focusing on providing a safe and responsive service for customers, however, we always struggled with cash flow and understanding our accounts.

We were recommended to use Wessex, and found them to be totally different to other accountants, in that they are much more hands-on, have good business experience and explain matters in simple terms. With their help support and advice, we have made a huge change in how we run our business, resulting in increased turnover and profits, as well as better cash flow.

We really enjoy working with their friendly approachable and accessible team, who make everything very clear for us. We therefore thoroughly recommend anyone to use Wessex.”

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How much does it cost? How will it work?

What does a package with Wessex Commercial look like? Firstly, no surprises. We don’t do estimated bills or send you a big annual bill at the same time as your Corporation Tax or Self Assessment is due.

The most hassle-free option is our fully outsourced accounts and consultancy service. You’ll need to send data (such as bills and receipts) to us using an app or email address, but we’ll provide:

  • set-up and training services
  • quarterly or monthly management accounts
  • bookkeeping
  • VAT, CIS, payroll
  • regular consultancy
  • ongoing support
  • year-end accounts and tax returns

all for a fixed monthly fee, paid by Direct Debit. If you already have a bookkeeper we can train them, and if you have a specialist accountant or tax adviser, we’re happy to work with them too.

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