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Wessex saves small business £40K in tax!

What difference would a £40,000 tax saving make to your small or medium sized business? No more cash flow worries? Finally being able to take that holiday you’ve been dreaming of for years? Or even just being able to reward your hard-working staff? For some businesses, it could mean the difference between success and failure, so making sure you’re with the right accountant for your business is crucial. Your accountant may be from a large reputable firm, but does he/she really understand the issues faced by small business owners and give you the support you could do with?

Saving tax for small businesses

Hear how Wessex helped one business save thousands of pounds in tax by signposting them to tax breaks they weren’t previously aware of, despite having an accountant.

IEP on how Wessex Commercial saved them over £40K in tax from Wessex Commercial Solutions on Vimeo.

Read the full Case Study here.

Could your business be missing out on significant tax savings? Are you confident your accountant is on top of the available breaks and able to provide the kind of business advice and support you could really benefit from?

Here at Wessex, we pride ourselves on being unique. We’re chartered accountants, but we’re also business people, with real experience of what it’s like to run an SME. We’ve been there, we know the issues and are able to get quickly to the heart of your business and help you to succeed, all with a personal approach you can be comfortable with. Think you’re better off with a large, well known firm of accountants? In our experience, work often gets passed down to trainees, who have no business expertise – yes, they can crunch the numbers, but we believe in providing more than just a smart folder containing your end of year accounts. It’s about ensuring you have the information and advice to enable you to make informed decisions in your business throughout your financial year.

Don’t settle for anything less.

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