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Understanding Business Challenges at Kingcombe Aquacare

Last week, we looked at how important it is to find an accountant who can do more than just deliver the numbers, especially for a small or medium sized business. A genuine interest in helping such businesses to grow and succeed by really getting to grips with the issues and challenges they face can make all the difference.

But don’t just take our word for it!  Take a look at what Kevin Athersuch, Finance Director at Kingcombe Aquacare has to say about how Wessex worked with their management team and Board of Directors


Understanding business challenges at Kingcombe Aquacare from Wessex Commercial Solutions on Vimeo.

Read the full Case Study here

The challenges of change management

Managing change is one of the trickiest areas of leadership and management. Periods of change and even instability can occur when businesses move to different or larger premises, recruit more employees, take on finance or even just update systems and technology. Preparation for change is key if it is to be successful in the long term. It’s about planning for growth, making sure it takes place in a sustainable way and, perhaps most important of all, that throughout the period of change, you don’t lose sight of your core business. By planning and understanding the stages of growth, you can keep closer tabs on the costs involved, identify opportunities as they arise and be prepared for any issues which may arise. Mistakes may occur, but learning from these is an important part of the process. Above all, it’s essential that business owners and management teams feel in control of the growth process.

An accountant who understands your business goals can help you achieve them

We often hear other accountants claim that they are business people – but do they actually have experience of running their own SME (small or medium sized business) under their belt? It might be worth finding out! Who will be more helpful to the small business owner? An accountant with a post qualification career spent working in a large firm or an accountant with hands on experience of running their own small business?

You do the maths!

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