5 reasons we’re not the accountant for you

5 reasons we’re not the accountant for you

Here’s why we may not be the accountant for you. We’ll:

  1. Want to look at more than just year end tax and compliance
  2. Expect you to provide us with timely information
  3. Expect you to make changes in your business, acting on trends in the data we provide
  4. Want you to hit your personal as well as business goals
  5. Challenge you.

We’re not here to give you the ‘comfort factor’.

But if you’re okay with that, we’ll also:

  • support you
  • be your confidant / sounding board
  • help you become better informed and equipped to deal with business challenges.

All of this comes with fixed / transparent fees. 

What do clients say?

Check out our credentials on the Xero Advisor Directory and see what clients have to say:

“The systems they put in place enable me to run my business, rather than worry about bookkeeping”

Leigh, Refresh Movement

“Unlike some consultants, they don’t just point to what needs to be done and leave you to get on with it, they keep helping to improve the business.”

Ewan, Tufcoat

“It’s much easier to see how we are doing now”

Eamonn, Huntsmore

Think we might be for you?

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Author: Linda Carrington