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Are you using an unsupported accounts system to avoid hefty software fees?

Does data entry take time? Are you still printing and posting invoices?

For a long time, accounting packages were designed by accountants, not business owners. That meant that they helped accountants do their tax and year-end compliance work, but didn’t make it any easier for owners and directors to run their businesses.

Fortunately the accounting software market has changed,

Got a great business idea? Or ready to go it alone?

If you’re starting your own business, we understand that it’s an exciting and challenging time!

Our team are ready to help more start-ups over the next few months than we’ve ever done before. We’re here to make the complicated simple and translate the accounting jargon into plain English.

How much are repetitive tasks costing your business?

Every day we hear from business owners who are paying someone to manually enter bills and receipts onto their accounts systems. Of course it’s essential that you record supplier invoices in your accounts, but we get frustrated because those businesses have 101 other things they need time to get on with.