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Small Business Accounts – get a grip!

Could you be missing a trick by leaving your small business accounts to a bookkeeper or accountant? Still handing over a spreadsheet and a bag of receipts at the end of the year? You’re not alone, but is that really the best you can do for your business?!

7 questions to ask when hiring an accountant

There seem to be two ‘fresh start’ times in the calendar each year. One of which is the new year, with it’s resolutions. The other is ‘back to school’ time with it’s ‘okay, let’s get on with it’ feeling.

Perhaps this year you’ll be looking for a new accountant before you get your head down till Christmas? If you are, here are a few questions to ask them and yourself when you’re looking at the options.

It’s like having an extra employee, at a fraction of the cost

A customer was telling me this week that they are considering taking on someone to run their back-office. It’s the first time they’re thinking about employing someone who is not working “out in the field”. Another new customer admitted just before they took on our service that they too were considering employing a bookkeeper to help them out.