Why hiring a finance director could be a mistake

Why hiring a finance director could be a mistake

At Wessex Commercial we’re sometimes compared to an ‘outsourced Finance Director’. And while it’s flattering to hear this, we don’t feel it tells the full story.

That’s because we see our role as quite different from that of a company director. Of course, we do many things that an outsourced Finance Director does. We’ll help get your accounts in shape. We’ll look at the decisions you need to take. But there’s one big difference for us.

You will remain in control of your own business.

Here’s what one of the business owners we work with has to say:

I’ve used an outsourced FD in the past, but with hindsight, this was quite disruptive. It’s definitely been better working with WCS, they strike a balance so that I remain in control of the business, but the backup is there when I need a finance professional.

Managing Director (Plymouth)

Now, we understand that feeling, because our Directors have poured time, energy (and money!) into their own businesses too. There’s nothing worse than feeling out of control in your own business.

We’ll help you to focus

Part of our ‘brief’ with new clients is to help them work out where best to spend their time and energy. We want you to be able to give time to those parts of your business which will be the most rewarding, both personally and financially.

We also want to empower you with high quality management information. With that information, we believe it will be easier for you to make the right business decisions.

The ‘big picture’ is much clearer now. And because I’m feeling much more confident about Xero, I’m able to focus on growing and developing our business.

Director (South Devon)

Unlike a typical Outsourced Finance Director, we’ll offer advice and support

It’s great to hear that our clients like to be able to use us as a sounding board for ideas. We look closely at the risks and opportunities associated with them. We try to continue to support clients after they’ve taken those decisions. Our support is often fairly hands-on.

They don’t just point to what needs to be done and leave you to get on with it, they keep helping to improve the business.

Managing Director (Devon)

You’ll get everything from bookkeeping to strategic advice in one package

In Devon and Somerset, few outsourced FD services offer everything from bookkeeping and payroll to year-end and strategic advice. However our team are able to do exactly that.

But while we’ll automate and streamline your processes, crunch the numbers and support your decision making, you will ultimately remain in control of your business. Here’s what one client has to say about his confidence in our team.

I’d describe Wessex as a ‘nimble’ company, that has its clients’ interests at heart. … If we have any problems, I’m confident that the team at Wessex will guide us through them.

Director (London)

How could we work with your business?

We tailor our services to meet your business needs. Please get in touch with your questions.

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Author: Linda Carrington