Just choose what services you need, and we’ll provide a fixed fee quote for your cloud accounts


We will process your bills and expenses and reconcile your bank accounts each week. You will need to email your receipts to us or take photos of them and send to us using our favourite receipt app. No more “binge-bookkeeping” at the end of the month or VAT quarter, or late night-Excel sessions! Our mileage apps make claiming mileage easy, and mean you can claim VAT on the fuel-element if you’re VAT registered. If you go over the bills / receipts thresholds for one or two months that’s fine. If it’s more than three months, you’ll need to move up a plan.

Q: How many bills and receipts do you receive each month? (e.g. up to 50, 100, 150)

Q: How many accounts do you have? (e.g. bank, business credit card etc)

Management Accounts

Our management accounts will help you see how your business is performing and inform your decisions. A 50% price increase applies if you do your own bookkeeping.

Q: How often would you like to us to review your accounts with you? Monthly or quarterly?

Q: Shall we review by voice / video call, or would you like to meet at your premises?


Worried about getting the VAT claim right? Or perhaps it just isn’t top of your ‘to do’ list. We will prepare your quarterly VAT return for you to review and click “submit”! You’ll need to use our bookkeeping service, or ensure your records are up-to-date within a week. A 50% price increase applies if you do your own bookkeeping.


We will run your payroll for monthly paid employees. If their hours vary, you’ll need to tell us how many hours they’ve worked. We’ll tell you how much you need to pay your employees and how much PAYE and NI to pay HMRC. All our standard payroll services assume you have low level of sickness absence.

Q: How many employees do you have?

Q: Are they paid fixed salaries?

Q: Are they happy to view / download payslips using an app, or would you prefer us to email them?

Annual Accounts & Corporation Tax Return

Run a limited company? We’ll prepare your annual accounts and corporation tax return. We prepare them well before your tax is due, so you don’t get any last-minute surprises! Our standard services are suitable for “micro” companies who are exempt from audit. If you exceed more than one of the thresholds, our fees will increase to the next pricing level.

Q: What does your business turnover each year? (up to £150,000, up to £300,000, up to £500,000 or more)

Q: What value of assets does your business hold? (up to £75,000, up to £150,000, up to £250,000 or more)

Q: How many employees do you have? (up to 2, up to 5, up to 10 or more)

Self-Assessment Tax Returns

You can do your own self-assessment tax return online for no fee. However if you’d like a little help, or could do without the hassle, we’ll prepare and submit it for you. Our standard services are suitable for individuals whose main income is from the business we advise, and who have a limited number of income streams from the UK. It does not include specialist tax advice.

Q: How many income streams do you have? (e.g. employments, rental income, savings)


We include ad-hoc support (by phone and email) for all customers who choose one of our management accounts or annual accounts packages. If we’ve set up your Xero account, but you’d like a little ongoing support, these packages are for you. It’s subject to our ‘fair use’ policy, which means if we find we’re providing a higher than expected level of support over a prolonged period, we’ll get in touch to see if we can provide a more appropriate package, e.g. a training session or monthly bookkeeping services.

Q: Who will need support? (IT-savvy individuals, business owners / admin, directors / finance team)

Q: How many people will typically need support? (2, 3, 4 or more people)

Your Xero Account

With Xero, you pay single fee per month for your account. You can add as many users as you need, and invite our team as Advisers. If you already have a Xero account, you can transfer your subscription to us, and we’ll include in your monthly fee. You can transfer or cancel your subscription at any time.

Q: Do you buy / sell in more than one currency?

Q: How many people are on your payroll (if you wish to use Xero payroll)

In order to deliver our service, you’ll need to play your part…

Fees are a monthly fee payable by direct debit. Our service is subject to a minimum 12 month duration. Any item discounts offered are subject to you taking the full quoted package. Our fees are based on the criteria set out in our quotation. You must tell us if your circumstances change (e.g. your turnover increases significantly, you take on new employees or introduce new products, services or open at new premises).

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