Retailers: Have you taken the Profitable eCommerce Scorecard?

Retailers: Have you taken the Profitable eCommerce Scorecard?

Heads up. Sales alone won’t generate success. Want to look at the factors which will increase profits in your ecommerce business? Then please complete the scorecard today.

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The ecommerce scorecard is designed to help Founders, CEOs and Director-Shareholders understand 5 key areas that influence their business performance. And by ‘performance’ and ‘results’ we mean their ability to generate sustainable profits.

Are you focusing on profits as well as sales?

Is there a great business inside your organisation, just waiting to get out? A range of products, services, customers and markets can help de-risk your business and generate sustainable income. However it’s vital you understand the profits on each line to enable you to get the right business mix.

Are you wasting time with manual data entry?

Don’t you hate when platforms don’t talk nicely to accounting systems like Xero.  Are you frustrated by out of date accounts? Furthermore, is bookkeeping taking you away from generating revenue or costing you more than it should?

Is your accountant asking the right questions?

Have you considered applying for R&D tax credits? How does your performance compare with your plans? In addition, do your management accounts accurately reflect your business? Finally, is your accountant tech-savvy?

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Author: Linda Carrington